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Fashion Takes Action is a non-profit established in 2007, with a mission to advance sustainability in the fashion industry through education, awareness, research and collaboration. Since 2014, our World Ethical Apparel Roundtable, or WEAR conference and webinar series, has brought together the entire fashion system to learn, network and collaborate. Each month, we address the barriers to sustainability through our WEAR webinar series.
APRIL 21, 2021


Fashion supply chains are vast and often opaque, making it challenging to identify both risks and opportunities. With the industry shifting toward more responsible practices, and consumers and advocacy groups pushing for more transparency, brands and retailers are assessing their value chains – from design to end of life – and working towards reducing social and environmental impacts by building better partnerships with suppliers.

This month, in collaboration with bluesign, we are presenting a series of panel discussions focused on building a responsible fashion value chain by collaborating with key stakeholders in an effort to advance sustainability and accelerate action. 

Each month, Fashion Takes Action addresses barriers to sustainability through our monthly WEAR webinar series. This month we are addressing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in fashion and the significant role race plays in your sustainability journey. This series is an opportunity to hear the voices that have been in the shadows for too long, shine a spotlight on those who are leading change, learn how to help dismantle the existing colonial framework and rebuild a culture of inclusivity on the path to sustainability.

Check back soon – these sessions will be announced shortly!

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Apr 21 2021
 / Session 1
 / Panel
10:30 am
 - 11:30 am
The fashion industry has always been operating in a competitive space, but with sustainability goals becoming higher up on the agenda, it takes collaboration to reach those environmental targets. By partnering closely together, brands and suppliers can build a more…
Kerry Bannigan
Conscious Fashion Campaign
Apr 21 2021
 / Session 3
 / Panel
1:30 pm
 - 2:30 pm
Chemicals are involved in every step of the fashion supply chain, and there is no debating that water and air emissions caused by hazardous chemicals severely impact the environment, workers, as well as the local communities in manufacturing countries. How…
Alden Wicker
Freelance journalist specializing in sustainable fashion
Xiaofei Li

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