WEAR 2022 will be hosted in the Spring (May 10th) and the Fall (Oct 6th).

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May 10, 2022


WEAR is Canada’s premier forum hosted by Fashion Takes Action, that aims to inspire and accelerate sustainability within the global fashion industry. This year’s theme, Impact with Intention, recognizes that it’s not enough to simply set a goal. Intention provides us with purpose, inspiration and motivation to achieve measurable impact.

Once again, WEAR is bringing brand owners, retailers, academics, manufacturers, NGO’s, innovators, and policy makers together, to accelerate our collective efforts toward progress and a more conscious fashion future.

We hope you’ll join us.



Taylor Reed
Associate Director of Research
SASB Standards at the VRF
Geoff Suares
Director, Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing


Supporting Sponsors

FTA is proudly offsetting the impact of our 2022 WEAR Conference thanks to in-kind support from South Pole.


WEAR Steering Committee

Nikki Byrne
Manager, Strategy & Development
Fashion Takes Action
Alice Chee
EMI Exposition Management Inc.

About Fashion Takes Action

Fashion Takes Action is a non-profit established in 2007, with a mission to advance sustainability in the entire fashion system through education, awareness, research and collaboration. In 2014, we launched the World Ethical Apparel Roundtable (WEAR) to bring together thousands of global fashion industry stakeholders to learn from leading experts and academics. Learn More

Each month, Fashion Takes Action addresses barriers to sustainability through our monthly WEAR webinar series. This month we are addressing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in fashion and the significant role race plays in your sustainability journey. This series is an opportunity to hear the voices that have been in the shadows for too long, shine a spotlight on those who are leading change, learn how to help dismantle the existing colonial framework and rebuild a culture of inclusivity on the path to sustainability.