Donna Cohen

Donna Cohen

Consultant, Sustainability & Compliance - Ardene

Donna is an experienced sustainable fashion consultant and compliance specialist with a 35-year track record in the global apparel business. Currently based at Canadian retailer Ardene’s head office in Montreal, Donna leads the organization’s efforts in implementing sustainable strategies from product design to governance.

Donna began her career as the owner of a successful wholesale importing business, Adorable Junior Too, specializing in children’s apparel. In 2014, she sold her business and redirected her focus to product compliance in the apparel industry, eventually pivoting to sustainability in 2017.

Under Donna’s guidance, Ardene has made significant strides in launching sustainable programs, including GHG Mapping & Reduction, Carbon Offsetting for Ecommerce shipments, packaging reduction, and an increase in the use of recycled materials in products. Ardene proudly supports and is a member of the CCTC (Canadian Circular Textile Consortium), with a strong belief in the organization’s multi-stakeholder approach to collaboration to find sustainable solutions for textile products in Canada.

Donna is deeply committed to circularity within the apparel industry and remains hopeful that collaboration between Canadian industry leaders can pave the way for increased circular practices.