Janelle Hanna

Janelle Hanna

Owner - White Weft

Janelle Hanna is a denim designer based in London.

Having previously worked for some of the world’s biggest jeans brands, Janelle now runs a small upcycling studio in Brixton while continuing to offer design and responsible sourcing consultancy for brands and manufacturers.

White Weft is a design studio based in London. We make accessories from unwanted jeans and denim waste most people don’t know exists – swatches and offcuts resulting from the product development process.

Our products are recycled but not thrifty – they’re sharply finished and good as new.

We design products  to solve problems around textile waste, like the very cool and extremely comfy slippers we make from stretch denim, a difficult to recycle material which does not biodegrade.

Everything is made in London either by us in our Brixton workshop, or at a North London factory who pay London Living Wage or above to their highly skilled workers.