Sanjeev Bahl

Sanjeev Bahl


Born in India in 1963, entrepreneur Sanjeev Bahl has ventured into businesses across diverse industries and focuses including apparel manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology – earning a reputation for himself as a forward-thinking trailblazer, set on finding solutions to the world’s biggest inefficiencies and problems.

His apparel venture is called SAITEX – a state of the art system of apparel development, innovation, and manufacturing in Vietnam. The facilities and systems are all built on environmental impact reduction technologies, with a core philosophy of creating positive social impact. His IT venture – SAI Digital, is spread over five countries and builds software solutions in the Ecommerce & Digital space.

His personal mission in developing and supporting education programs through 2 homeopathic colleges and a free clinic for children on the autism spectrum in London has further diversified his interests. Giving back to the community and making a difference to humanity has always been of great importance to Sanjeev, and something he’s dedicated his life and businesses to.

Sanjeev splits his time between Vietnam and New York. His future initiatives include bringing manufacturing back to the West and a venture into post-consumer recycled products to further his exploration into sustainable manufacturing.