Karine Kicak

Karine Kicak

Associate Director, Sustainable Products & Consumption - Anthesis

Karine has worked over 14 years in science-based sustainability. She is a Chemical Engineer and started off her career as a Life Cycle Assessment expert with the International Reference Center for Life Cycle of Products and then worked for a consulting firm with a mandate to deliver and strategically implement life cycle systems.

She then spent 8 years as an in-house corporate social responsibility consultant in the retail industry where she drove the long-term development of CSR strategies for two large Canadian fashion companies using life cycle thinking. She has extensive knowledge of the apparel and footwear industry’s hot spots across all impacts, including circularity, climate change, responsible sourcing, traceability and green chemistry.

As an Associate Director at Anthesis, Karine is now part of the LCA service line where she delivers improvement solutions to a wide array of clients and sectors by modelling how products, materials and systems perform according to different environmental metrics.

Karine has been involved in developing product footprint tools with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, is a member of the Material Innovation Initiative advisory council and is the author and co-author of numerous peer-reviewed LCA studies.