Ethan Song

Ethan Song

CEO & Co-Founder - Frank and Oak

As CEO and Co-founder of fashion and lifestyle brand Frank And Oak, Ethan Song is leading the industry towards sustainability and sharing his commitment to equality and inclusion.

Ethan’s personal and entrepreneurial journey is deeply connected to the journey of Frank And Oak. As a first-generation immigrant from China, Song understood the importance of redefining worlds and making your mark. Outfitted with a creative mindset, a deep respect for the planet, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, he set out to explore the intersection of art and technology to create new experiences.

From Shanghai, to Paris, to Vancouver and Montreal, Song developed his career on various continents and in various contexts. Song understood that companies should be defined by the convergence of people around spaces and common interests, not trends. As he saw it, products and experiences should come together to create culture and community and to effect positive change in the world. In 2012, he called upon his childhood friend and fellow entrepreneur, Hicham Ratnani to co-found Frank And Oak with an inventive approach to integrating design and technology.

Today, faced with the irrevocable effects of climate change, Ethan is leading the fashion industry in minimizing the negative environmental impact fashion has on the planet. Ethan’s values and strong technical understanding of climate change have led Frank And Oak on their journey towards sustainability. Ethan has led the charge in implementing sustainability throughout their supply chain, as well as innovating other facets of the company such as packaging, and clothing donation programs.

Frank And Oak continues to set itself apart as a brand that redefines commerce on all fronts, creating environmentally conscious clothing with substance and reinventing the customer experience.