Anita Spiller

Anita Spiller

Head of Social Responsibility and Executive Communications - Tru Earth

Anita Spiller’s parallel careers are defined by passion.

As a United Church minister, a private business owner, and now, driving corporate social responsibility for one of Canada’s fastest-growing environmental companies, her work and life are characterized by social justice, collaboration, and leaving the planet better than she found it.

At Tru Earth, the Vancouver, Canada-based zero-waste household cleaning product company, she leads the CSR team and along with the leadership team is responsible for disrupting the CPG industry, eliminating single-use plastics, battling microplastics and donating zero-waste products to organizations in need. Tru Earth has eliminated 100 million plastic containers and has donated 19 million eco laundry detergent strips in just three years.

A gifted speaker and educator, Anita’s presentations are sprinkled with humor, insight, and real solutions to make true lasting change that helps save the planet.