Anitta Toma

Senior Researcher and LCA Analyst - Green Story

Anitta Toma is the Senior Researcher and LCA Analyst at Green Story, a consumer engagement platform for responsible businesses.

Using Life Cycle Assessment methodologies, Anitta uncovers the environmental impacts of a company’s supply chains and compares it against conventional supply chains. The Green Story platform then converts these into easy-to-understand visual infographics that can be embedded into ecommerce stores. Consumers visiting a Green Story enabled online store can then make more educated and greener purchasing decisions.

Anitta has received her training in lifecycle analysis through Thinkstep In Germany. She comes with a strong background in research and sustainability, specializing in consumer behaviour towards ethical and sustainable practices. She completed her Master’s degree in Developmental Economics (sustainability focus) at Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nuremberg. During her time in Germany, she consulted as part of a university program for Adidas’s Executive Board on topics of sustainability, marketing, and company values, as well as having worked at companies such as Siemens and GS1 Canada.

She believes action for change starts from the bottom up by changing societal views and norms in order to cause organizational and political change. Anitta brings with her an international perspective, having lived in Germany, France, Romania, and Canada and is fascinated by globalization, societal norms and values, and our movement towards a greener future.