Aloysius Arockiam

Aloysius Arockiam

Founder and Managing Director - SAVE

Mr. Aloysius is the Founder and Managing Director of SAVE, a registered NGO in India. SAVE has been serving in the Tirupur region for the past 27 years, focusing on abolition of child labour in textile and garment. Focusing the ratification of ILO convention 182 on elimination of the worst forms of child labour at the regional level, campaiging for Tirupur to be a Child Labour Free Zone. Two wards have been declared and other wards will be declared soon. These sustained lobbying and strategic campaigns drew the attention of the government towards child labor concerns in India. 

Aloysius expanded the service for the comprehensive empowerment of women in 2002 and was instrumental in facilitating the growth of self-sustaining female-led business units. SAVE also focuses on advocating for the rights of the garment and textile industries workers promoted through the Labour Resource Center. The center organizes the garment workers federation,  including migrant and home-based workers, as informal workers union “ANUKATHAM”, advocating for the improvement of labour standards in garment supply chain  

He was the regional Coordinator of Global march against Child Labour and convener of Child Rights Forum. He convened a state campaign network CCC Task Force and Tirupur People’s Forum (TPF) to address the labour exploitation I textile and the practice of Sumanagali Scheme that exploits young workers as bond labour. The campaign brought down the practice and prevented the recruitment young workers under the Sumangali Scheme. He had convened as a forum

He has initiated Child Rights Forum for Protection of Girl Children CRF (G) as alliance of girl children. MSI TN is a multi-stakeholder initiative for the social dialogue with the stakeholders and to address GBV inside the mills. He has assumed office as the Convenor of Tamil Nadu Alliance- TNA, which has come out with the Declaration to bind the supply chain responsibility and the transparency   

He has traveled extensively on the several occasions to different countries for conferences, seminars for sharing and representing the concerns of the workers. He can be reached in the given contact.