Foundations of ESG

Fireside Chat

PART 1 – Introduction to ESG Investing – 15 min presentation

A brief introduction to ESG investing.  Uncovering the issues, Including industry terminology, ESG strategies, case studies and trends.

PART 2 – The ‘G’ in ESG – 45 min Fireside Chat

Leading ESG strategies begin (and end!) with sound governance. Jessica Butts, ESG Global Advisors, and Leor Rotchild, CBSR, will lead a discussion on the ‘G’ in ESG, exploring best practices of industry-leading organizations. The conversation will focus on the evolving expectations for Boards and Management teams to integrate environmental and social issues into their corporate governance, oversight, and risk management. Attendees will come away from the session with a clear sense of the questions to ask, possible models and best practices to follow as they look to influence effective ESG governance in their own organizations moving forward.

Oct 20 2021

Oct 20 2021, 
Session 1
10:00 am
 - 11:00 am