A Human Rights Approach to Policy


The global fashion industry employs more than 75 million workers worldwide, many who are located in the Global South and do not share the same rights or protections as those in the West. In this session we will look at transparency and due diligence requirements for apparel companies to uphold human rights standards, in an effort to eradicate forced labour and child labour, to provide safe and healthy workplaces, pay fair wages and ensure fair treatment. In particular we will address the EU directive on mandatory human rights due diligence and responsible business conduct in an effort to put an end to the long list of violations.

The situation is complex and there is no easy solution. Change will require engagement across the entire supply chain, including senior level attention, and a cultural shift across entire apparel organizations. However, going from a voluntary to a mandatory framework will lead to greater accountability.

Mar 24 2021

Mar 24 2021, 
Session 4
1:30 pm
 - 2:30 pm