OCT 7-8 2019 • TORONTO

  • WEAR offered great and timely content that not only featured key initiatives in Canada but also brought in international speakers to engage in insightful conversation. The Canadian industry has a strong opportunity to apply best practices from around the world to lead when it comes to circular economy models.
    Jeff Denby, The Renewal Workshop

Are You an ...

Innovator, Thought Leader, Storyteller, Disruptor, Speaker, Facilitator, Expert, Academic or Researcher?

If so, we’d like to hear from you!

This October, our highly engaged community of sustainable fashion thought leaders, brands, retailers, NGOs, academics and social enterprises from across Canada and around the world, will come together for the 6th annual WEAR conference to address the key challenges and opportunities facing the fashion and apparel industry.

As we develop this year’s agenda we invite subject matter experts to submit preliminary proposals to present at WEAR, which will be held in Toronto on October 7-8 at the Beanfield Centre located in Exhibition Place. The format of WEAR is a mix of panel discussions, keynotes, fireside chats, ted- like talks and workshops.

Have previous attendees at your sessions described you as a true expert in your field? Are you inspiring, motivating, engaging, and relevant—a 5 out of 5 in your style and content?

If so, we would love to hear from you, especially if your expertise is in one or more of the following areas:

  • The Circular Economy
  • Microplastics and Microfibers
  • Labour Issues (standards, forced, child, modern slavery)
  • Sustainable Luxury
  • Chemical & Mechanical Textile Recycling
  • Innovation & Technology Driving Solutions for the Apparel Industry
  • New & Innovative Business Models
  • Toxic Chemicals Management & Innovation
  • Design for Circularity
  • Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency
  • Innovative & Bio Materials
  • Blockchain


Please submit a brief synopsis of your proposed session by April 12th and clearly indicate how it links with our objectives to engage, inspire and motivate the fashion and apparel industry. Please also indicate if the format of your presentation is best suited to keynote, panelist, moderator, TED-like talk or workshop facilitator. Note that certain speaking opportunities are reserved for sponsors. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship please let us know.

If you are not a presenter but have some ideas on who to include in this year’s program or, better yet, can tell us what we are NOT talking about that we need to talk about to make the industry even better, let us know!

Please email us at [email protected]

  • WEAR exceeded my expectations not only as a panelist, but also as an attendee. I found the subject matter to be tremendously timely, the speakers compelling, and the overall event presentation to be extremely professional.
    Dennis Baacke, Instrinsic Textiles (CiClO)
  • WEAR brings together a group of people from across the fashion industry who are eager to connect and share collective experience. The event is large enough to provide great breadth and depth across focus areas, in an intimate setting that promotes cross-pollination with your peers.
    Jessica Iida, Global Sustainability at Lululemon
  • WEAR is a crucial platform for the fashion sector to share knowledge, showcase innovation, and mobilize to move toward greater sustainability, responsibility and transparency. It brings together stakeholders from diverse sectors who need to be problem solving together as the challenges are vast but the opportunities are promising when approached through collaboration. We appreciate participating in a gathering to both share our work to gain exposure, and to also learn from other experts in the field
  • WEAR is a great gathering of leaders and thinkers in super cool Toronto — one of the real centers of sustainability in North America. WEAR is intimate enough that real connections can be made, and global enough that it can cover environmental progress across the industry as a whole. The questions and comments on my presentation showed an audience that was as sophisticated and knowledgeable as it was passionate and progressive. I was delighted to attend my first WEAR in 2018
    David McCann, Color Zen

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